Djo Life

Djo Life

From: AZ, United States

Alternative/Alt. Rock, Pop, New Wave

Djo Life is a one piece band

based in the sun drenched environs

of Tucson, AZ. Originally hailing from NYC,

Djo practiced his songcraft

in various bands of no great acclaim

both in NY and later in Boston’s Hot

Wire Zeppo and the very defunct The 520s.

Upon arriving in Tucson to attend

graduate school, he continued to pen

his unique pop songs(instead of studying)

just for personal enjoyment.

Djo treats each song as a singular entity

and tries to infuse each song with

as many catchy hooks and phrases as possible.

“Each song is a lyrical poem with the music

as a means to augment the composition

into something altogether precious and singular”.

Ultimately, his love of New Wave

and Classic Rock seep into each track as if by osmosis.

Much of 2018 will be spent in the studio working on

new material released one song after another.